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Quick Guide To Buying Books Online

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Shopping online may appear easy with the luring discounts, great shipping options. However, you need to be careful while purchasing books online as new releases, rare books may poke a hole in your wallet. Here is a simple guide to buying books online that will save you money and better reading experience:

1.Compare Prices

Always go for the lowest prices and this includes all the extra taxes and shipping fees. There are plenty of websites selling books on heavy discounts but they charge just as heavily on shipping. When you add a book to your cart, it automatically shows the cost listed and when you checkout, it shows the total amount by adding shipping fee. Sometimes, the books may be supplied by separate sellers prompting the website to charge you twice or even thrice for shipping (for separate packages). So, always compare prices including shipping prices and settle for shipping discounts.

2.Consider Used Books

Multitude of online bookstores sell used books and if you are looking a discontinued book, getting a used book may be your only way to get it. So, consider looking through pre-owned books as it will save you money and give wider choice as well.

3.Read Prologue/Introductory Chapters Before Buying a Book

Numerous online tools let you read section of the book for free. So, you can decide whether you want buy a book or not based on how intrigued and impressed you were by the introductory pages. Magazines often publish individual chapters or prologues when promoting books.

4.Join Forums

Forums are great platforms to connect with bookworms. You can post queries, inquire about prices, discounts, rare books, get information on price drops, new releases, critically acclaimed and non-sponsored reviews on your favorite books. Moreover, you can initiate and engage in extensive discussions and analysis about different books with other members.

5.Buy Textbooks Early

Textbooks sell fairly early so unless you want to be left without an option, subscribe to online bookstores you frequent for textbooks you want to buy. Keep an eye out for pre-owned copies and try to acquire them as early as possible. They may cost you a bit higher but textbooks sell quite fast so waiting is not really an option.

Thanks to an influx of online bookstores, you can browse through options for best prices, free shipping and high discounts. It may be hard for you to part with books you have grown attached with but consider giving away your books to charity. Or you can sell your read books online at discounted rates to let other bookworms enjoy the stories you did once.